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Financial Management
Accounting, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Receivable, and Cash Management, Reporting of financial operations.
Customer Management
An integrated CRM to manage marketing, quoting, sales, post-sales support, and customer information.
Field Service Management
Mobile Field Service for real-time data between the field and office, track equipment, maintenance and manage service orders.
Powerful financials, Job Cost Accounting, Project Management, Payroll, Inventory, Service Management, CRM, and more.
Streamline operations from production planning and shop floor management to financials, CRM, inventory, and sales orders.
Project Accounting
Manage budgeting, inventory, change orders, timesheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives. 
Wholesale Distribution
Advanced inventory management, WMS, serial and batch tracking, kit assemblies, bin location, pick/pack/ship.
eCommerce & Retail
Synchronise real-time data between MYOB Advanced ERP and BigCommerce or Shopify with a native connector.
Payroll & Workforce Management
A modern Cloud Payroll and HR Management Solution working alongside MYOB Advanced ERP.

All you need to Advance your business

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP has the flexibility to grow with your business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Connect all your business functions with MYOB Advanced in the Cloud

Wholesale Distribution
Advanced inventory management, serial and batch tracking, kit assembly, bin location, pick priorities, manage multiple customer and supplier price lists, order discounting.
Retail and eCommerce
Native eCommerce Connector provides tools for syncing data between MYOB Advanced ERP and leading eCommerce solutions, BigCommerce and Shopify.
By connecting production planning, shop floor, financials, CRM, inventory management, and sales orders, it enables real-time coordination across your entire organisation.
Field Services Management
Streamline tasks, scheduling and routing, manage inventory of tools and parts, seamlessly integrate accounting, and administrative information into a single unified system.
Project Accounting, Project Billing, Contracts, Job Costing, Change Orders, Daily Field Reports, Retentions, Compliance, Mobile Applications, Payroll and Reporting in one solution.
Solutions for all industries
MYOB Advanced is designed to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of different industries. With customisation options, it effortlessly caters to a diverse range of industries. 

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP for New Zealand Businesses

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Connect all your business functions with MYOB Advanced in the Cloud

MYOB Advanced Dashboard

MYOB Advanced Customer Management

Deliver Exceptional Customer Management

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers a range of benefits that can help you better understand and manage your business operations. By using the software, you can customise dashboards to analyse trends in real-time and adjust your views to focus on specific departments or functions. The software also allows you to bring data together in one place, providing considerable insight into your business. Additionally, MYOB Advanced CRM enables you to segment databases, manage online campaigns, and measure performance with integrated marketing. You can also integrate service and support activities with sales and marketing, as well as provide customers with 24/7 access to account information and share your knowledge base and support information.

MYOB Advanced CRM

Growth Friendly Licensing

MYOB Advanced is designed to take care of everything you need both now and in the future.  Inventory management, streamlined sales and purchasing, accounting and more – all in a scalable platform.

MYOB Advanced will eliminate hardware costs, giving you a fully customisable platform for a convenient monthly price.  Your online data is securely stored, giving you the flexibility and freedom to work the way you want.

MYOB Advanced

Customer Management Features

Effective customer management helps strengthen and nurture customer relationships and provides valuable insights into your business. 

  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sales Automation
  • Business Management Reporting
  • Customer Self-Service Portal

Integrated Marketing

By integrating marketing automation solutions with content management and financials, departments can collaborate more effectively. Marketing automation solutions can help capture leads from various sources such as web forms and advertisements and feed them into your integrated marketing system. With these features, you can improve conversions, measure performance, and increase productivity. In addition, you can collate marketing materials in a central repository and apply for access permissions at the document level. You can also target different market segments with different lead types and use custom-defined attributes to customise campaigns for specific clients. Combining and integrating marketing activities, billing, and financial data in one place is also possible. Lastly, you can capture leads from your website, direct mail, online advertising, and other sources.


Sales Automation

MYOB Advanced can help automate your sales process and boost the productivity of your sales teams. The software provides comprehensive support for the entire sales cycle, from managing leads to tracking opportunities and closing deals.

With MYOB Advanced, you can attach documents directly to transactions, leads, opportunities, and accounts, streamlining your workflows and making it easy to access critical information when you need it.

Additionally, you can automate lead routing according to pre-set criteria, aggregate lead lists manually or in bulk, and easily convert sales opportunities into full accounts.

MYOB Advanced also allows team members to collaborate on proposals and assign leads to internal and external users while restricting access rights and managing approvals at every stage of the workflow. All these features can help improve information flow, increase close rates, and reduce sales cycles.

Business Management Reporting

Monitor real-time trends in your organisation with comprehensive reporting tools that give you the confidence to accelerate your decision-making.

Fully-integrated financial reporting 
Make informed decisions faster with online reporting. Available in HTML, PDF, Excel and Word so you can quickly share your reports with others.

Interactive Dashboards 
Displayed in an interactive visual format, dashboards provide you with customised views of key information in real-time.

Personalised Reporting 
Access customised views of information to suit your needs, with personally designed dashboards.

Instant Insight 
Keep track of your progress with instant visibility over your KPI and scorecard dashboards.


Customer Self-Service Portal

Create a customer self-service portal experience that reduces customer support questions directed towards your company. Deliver greater value to your customers with 24/7 access to their financial statements, support cases, contracts and more.


Powerful Case Management 
Take your customer to new heights. With real-time access to customer information directly from the CRM and ticketing system, and enhanced process workflows, you can ensure your team are constantly up-to-date.

Contract Management 
Accelerate service support with customer cases linked directly to contracts and service plans. With service rates set per incident, hour, or prepaid, it’s easy to ensure the proper support is provided and billed correctly.

Get a 360-degree view of sales and marketing activities

Integrate Sales and Marketing to Generate More Leads, Close More Sales

  • Experience seamless integration between ERP and CRM systems. From marketing and sales to order fulfillment and post-sales support, keep your customer information always up-to-date and accurate. Effortlessly track client interactions, address complaints, monitor purchases, and more.
  • Real-time reports and intuitive dashboards to gain comprehensive visibility into your sales and marketing data. Effectively manage forecasts, quotas, and results with the latest insights at your fingertips.
  • Take proactive steps to reduce response times and enhance customer satisfaction. Stay one step ahead by anticipating potential issues, identifying upsell opportunities, and automating reminders for callbacks, follow-ups, and requests.
  • Supercharge your sales and marketing efforts with streamlined lead management and sales processes. Use automated workflows to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Create and distribute personalised emails using pre-defined, branded templates. Eliminate delays by automatically tracking activities, delegating tasks, and sending timely alerts. 
  • Monitor and optimise your marketing campaigns with cutting-edge marketing automation tools. Manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, engage with contacts, and establish clear links between campaigns and profitability.

Key Business Benefits

  • Inform decisions with real-time insights, such as identifying customers by profitability.
  • Create and track campaigns with HubSpot integration.
  • Share sales data with staff and create alerts across departments.
  • Create leads and contacts from inboxes and get one-click access to contacts and leads with CRM add-in for MS Outlook.
  • Create opportunities and cases associated with existing contacts.
  • Import and edit leads, contacts, and cases in bulk from Excel.

Looking to streamline your payroll and workforce management processes?

Simplify your HR processes and save time with automated payroll processing, employee self-service, and time and attendance tracking. Learn how MYOB Advanced can benefit your business. Contact us today.