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Financial Management
Accounting, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Receivable, and Cash Management, Reporting of financial operations.
Customer Management
An integrated CRM to manage marketing, quoting, sales, post-sales support, and customer information.
Field Service Management
Mobile Field Service for real-time data between the field and office, track equipment, maintenance and manage service orders.
Powerful financials, Job Cost Accounting, Project Management, Payroll, Inventory, Service Management, CRM, and more.
Streamline operations from production planning and shop floor management to financials, CRM, inventory, and sales orders.
Project Accounting
Manage budgeting, inventory, change orders, timesheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives. 
Wholesale Distribution
Advanced inventory management, WMS, serial and batch tracking, kit assemblies, bin location, pick/pack/ship.
eCommerce & Retail
Synchronise real-time data between MYOB Advanced ERP and BigCommerce or Shopify with a native connector.
Payroll & Workforce Management
A modern Cloud Payroll and HR Management Solution working alongside MYOB Advanced ERP.

All you need to Advance your business

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP has the flexibility to grow with your business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Connect all your business functions with MYOB Advanced in the Cloud

Wholesale Distribution
Advanced inventory management, serial and batch tracking, kit assembly, bin location, pick priorities, manage multiple customer and supplier price lists, order discounting.
Retail and eCommerce
Native eCommerce Connector provides tools for syncing data between MYOB Advanced ERP and leading eCommerce solutions, BigCommerce and Shopify.
By connecting production planning, shop floor, financials, CRM, inventory management, and sales orders, it enables real-time coordination across your entire organisation.
Field Services Management
Streamline tasks, scheduling and routing, manage inventory of tools and parts, seamlessly integrate accounting, and administrative information into a single unified system.
Project Accounting, Project Billing, Contracts, Job Costing, Change Orders, Daily Field Reports, Retentions, Compliance, Mobile Applications, Payroll and Reporting in one solution.
Solutions for all industries
MYOB Advanced is designed to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of different industries. With customisation options, it effortlessly caters to a diverse range of industries. 

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP for New Zealand Businesses

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Connect all your business functions with MYOB Advanced in the Cloud

MYOB Advanced Dashboard

Field Service Management Software

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP Service Management for Construction, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, and Field Service Industries.

Connect Office to Field with MYOB Advanced Field Service Management

Drive growth with a comprehensive service management Cloud ERP application designed for construction, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and field service companies.

Professional service organisations use the Project Accounting application to manage consulting and business services.

Construction Management

Construction Management software is built to equip construction firms with powerful business intelligence—because visibility drives success.

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Manufacturing Management

Get real-time insights and end-to-end control of your production and your financials, so you can drive efficiency and grow your business

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Inventory & Distribution

Simplify your inventory processes with flexible item management, quality traceability, and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand. 

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Field Service Management

Maximise dispatching by scheduling the right people at the right time, and obtain real-time data for work taking place across your team.

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"It doesn’t matter whether we do 10 jobs a day or 40, MYOB Advanced Business doesn’t have any problems handling the volume."
MYOB Advanced CustomerField Service Management

Growth Friendly Licensing

MYOB Advanced is designed to take care of everything you need both now and in the future.  Inventory management, streamlined sales and purchasing, accounting and more – all in a scalable platform.

MYOB Advanced will eliminate hardware costs, giving you a fully customisable platform for a convenient monthly price.  Your online data is securely stored, giving you the flexibility and freedom to work the way you want.

MYOB Advanced Field Service Management

Comprehensive Service Management

The MYOB Advanced Field Service Edition Field Service Management software empowers you with the necessary tools to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline tasks, optimize scheduling and routing, effectively manage your inventory of tools and parts, and seamlessly integrate your analysis, accounting, and administrative information into a single unified system.

Designed to be comprehensive and adaptable, the MYOB Advanced Field Service Management system effortlessly caters to businesses of all types in the field service industry. From initial quotes to contract management and billing, scheduling and dispatching, inventory control and deployment, accounting and analysis, it serves as a strong link in the product lifecycle management chain.

  • Financial Management
  • Inventory, Orders & Distribution
  • Customer Management
  • Sell & Install
  • Service & Repair Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Equipment Management
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Mobile Service Management
  • Reporting
  • Payroll

Financial Management

Full suite of financial and budgeting features and reporting including general ledger, support for multi-currency and multi-company, fixed asset management and managing and understanding your cash position with cash flow forecasting and reporting.
Features within Financial Management include:

•    General Ledger
•    Accounts Receivable
•    Accounts Payable
•    Cash Management
•    Currency Management
•    Bank Feeds.



Inventory, Orders & Distribution

Maintain detailed information on your inventory including supplier codes, barcodes, and cost and sell pricing history. Track inventory levels and costs across multiple warehouses and locations.

Features within Inventory and Distribution Management include:

•    Replenishment
•    Location Management
•    Sub-Items and Matrix Items
•    Physical Inventory
•    Pricing, discounts and promotions
•    Shipping
•    Kitting and Disassembly.


Customer Management

Integrated Customer Relation Management (CRM) system for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts.

Features within Customer Management include:

•    Sales automation
•    Integrated marketing
•    Service and support automation
•    Customer self-service portal.

Visit our Customer Management Page for Demonstrations

Sell & Install

MYOB Advanced Field Service Management Software offers a powerful solution to manage your entire service business from selling and quoting to dispatching and invoicing. You can create quotes and proposals, track customer history, manage inventory, schedule technicians, and even invoice directly from the system. With real-time data and mobile access, you can keep track of everything, from sales to installations, and easily manage your entire field service operations.


Service & Repair Management

The MYOB Advanced Business Field Service edition delivers a complete set of functionality for field service operations. Streamline processes to reduce response times and costs, resulting in increased revenues and customer satisfaction that ultimately give you a competitive advantage.

  • The Visual Calendar Board gets the right people with the right skills to the right service or job every time
  • Quickly capture service needs to shorten the time between call receipt and job assignment
  • Track resource commitments, match tasks to the best available resources and generate work orders
  • Optimise routes for appointments with the ability to filter appointments by several different criteria
  • Configurable dashboards to ensure you are always aware of what is happening in your service operations

If your service work is part of a bigger project, the service module integrates into the Project Accounting module of MYOB Advanced Business.    


Service management


Project Accounting

Manage budgeting, inventory, change orders, timesheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives. Projects are included in company-wide financial reports with full multi-currency support.

Features within Project Accounting include:

•    Project cost tracking
•    Advanced billing
•    Time management
•    Advanced expense management.


Equipment Management

Track installed equipment owned by you or your customer for preventative maintenance scheduling and service order management.

  • Maintain all details of equipment and products installed at your customers’ facilities by make and model
  • Define schedules for preventative maintenance service orders and associate them will recurring maintenance schedules or contracts
Access equipment information and service history anywhere, anytime from any device.


Warranty Tracking

Track warranty classes by models of equipment to prevent needless customer invoicing parts and labour when the work is covered under warranty, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Establish warranty offers for your customers, specifying which parts are under warranty to avoid confusion, mischarges and objections
  • Classes can be mixed on the same service order, for instance, a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labour
  • Ensure billing accuracy with multidimensional contracts (different warranty periods for different components of the system)
  • Prevent needless customer invoicing of parts and labour when the work is covered under warranty

Mobile Service Management

Keep your staff members connected through any browser-enabled device or using the native mobile Android and Apple iOS (iPad) app. Connect your staff with mobile services where they can access routes, future appointments, customer information and last-minute updates.

  • Send updated orders and appointments
  • Access equipment information and service history anywhere, anytime from any device
  • Enable field staff to plan for upcoming appointments and routes along with access to the information necessary for the next call, including last-minute updates


Mobile service management

Capture time, expenses, project issues, change requests and more. Productivity will increase making your construction projects run even smoother.

Access MYOB Advanced anywhere, at any time, with easy access via a web browser, or use the MYOB Advanced app for iOS or Android.




MYOB Advanced Field Service Management provides real-time reporting on job status, technician activity, inventory usage, and more. With detailed dashboards, customisable reports, and real-time data insights, you can make informed decisions and optimise your field service operations. The reporting feature offers comprehensive insights into your business operations and helps you monitor and improve your KPIs. With MYOB Advanced Field Service Management, you can gain visibility into your service operations, reduce response times, and improve customer satisfaction.



Support for multiple unions, locals, classes, benefits packages, and complex wages, as well as certified wages and executive compensation.



Get ahead with MYOB Advanced Field Service Management. Streamline dispatching, improve satisfaction, and reduce costs with our all-in-one solution.

Take advantage of our powerful reporting capabilities and make data-driven decisions for your business. Request a demo now to see how MYOB Advanced Field Service Management can transform your field service operations.